Inflatable liferafts of the best quality are the result of extensive know-how and valuable experience.
 RFD Japan Limited
 Survitec Group, Yokohama, Japan


『Inflatable Liferaft   RFD-Toyo Brand』

Import from UK, Manifacturing in Japan, sell to domestic and overseas clients, and technical support for maintenance.
RFD-Toyo Inflatable liferaft has complied with SOLAS The treaty (1996) and SOLAS of Chapter 3 / LSA Code and IMO A 689 revision and Regulations for Life-saving Appliance of Ships.

Type Approved by JG(MLIT) and EU(MED)

Inflatable Liferaft (Thrown-Over)
Large Davit Inflatable Liferaft (Reversible)for 50 and 100person
David Launching Inflatable Liferaft
Inflatable Liferaft for Domestic Tanker (Thrown-Over)
Self-righting Inflatable Liferaft

『Marine Evacuation System』
Manufacturing in Japan, technical support on installation and maintenance.

Type approval by JG(MLIT)
RFD-Toyo TES Type   for 300 person

<Low maintenance cost>

『Lifejacket and Floating Device』
Type approval by JG(MLIT)
Lifejacket RTJ-10R   for New SOLAS rule of July 2010 applied.
Lifejacket TJW-7R and TJW-5R  for offshore working and small boat.
Floating Device TRF-6R  for 6 persons  for small boat. 
Type approval by MED
Lifejacket RTJ-10R  17 April 2012 applied.

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