Inflatable liferafts of the best quality are the result of extensive know-how and valuable experience.
 RFD Japan Limited
 Survitec Group, Yokohama, Japan

April 2001  
 Attained type approval of RFD-Toyo Liferafts from JG.

June 2001
 Completed the registration of the establishment of the company.

Sept. 2001
 Completed taking over the liferaft business from Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. Ltd.

July 2003
 Attained type approval of Chuter (MES) from JG.

April 2004
 Moved office to current location in Yokohama.

April 2008 
 Acquired the Lifejacket business from Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. Ltd.

April 2008
 Attained type approval of Lifejacket from JG.

Sept. 2012
 Attained type approval of Sea Anchor for Inflatable Life Raft (RJ-1) from JG

Oct. 2012
  Attained type approval of Automatic Release for Inflatable
 (MSK-008R/MSK-005R) from JG

  Attained type approval of Ferryman 50 & 100 from JG

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