Inflatable liferafts of the best quality are the result of extensive know-how and valuable experience.
 RFD Japan Limited
 Survitec Group, Yokohama, Japan


Company Name RFD Japan Limited (Survitec yokohama)
Address 3-7-24, Shinyamashita, Naka-ku, Yokohama
#231-0801 Japan
TEL/FAX +81 (0)45-629-0055/  +81 (0)45-629-0057
Business *  Manufacturing and sales of RFD-Toyo liferafts, Chuter (MES) and Lifejacket.
* Technical support and maintenance of Toyo liferafts and Chuter.
Establishment June 2001
Capital Yen. 85,000,000.-
Main Bank The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ
Representative Director Yusuke Yamazaki
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